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Lieutenant (Second-in-Command)


Brainiac (Skipper)
the Brainy Penguin (Julien)
Options Guy (Skipper)
Tall Guy (Skipper)


Central Park Zoo


Skipper, Rico, Private, Marlene, Julien (sometimes), Maurice, Mort (sometimes), Phil, Mason, Roger, Max, Fred, Burt, Manfredi and Johnson (deceased), Mother Duck, Ducklings, Eggy


Hans, Doctor Blowhole, the Rat King, the Rats, Savio, the Hornets, Clemson, Rhonda (Agent 21), Leonard (partially ally), Joey (partially ally), Bada and Bing, Becky and Stacy (partially enemies; partially allies), Darla, the Baboon ladies, the Blue Hen

Eye colour



White (chest)

Voiced by

Jeff Bennet (series)
Chris Miller (movies)

"I'd say this problem needs a fat serving of cold, hard science!"- Kowalski to Skipper in 'Cute-astrophe'

Kowalski is a male penguin who resides in the Central Park Zoo (located in Manhattan, New York), and is one of the main characters of The Penguins of Madagascar. He is the 'Second-in-Command', as well as the 'Head of Strategy' and 'the Scientist' of the team, consisting of the other penguins: Skipper, Private and Rico. Kowalski is currently ranked Lieutenant, but was temporarily upgraded to Captain when subsituting Skipper during his leave of absense in the episode 'P.E.L.T.'

Depiction in seriesEdit


Over-Boasting About IntelligenceEdit

Though there is absolutely no questioning Kowalski's intelligence (something everyone is very aware of), he is known to constantly brag about it, using every single, available chance to show off. Due to this bad habit of his, Skipper has created the "Show-off Jar": A special glass jar, in which Kowalski must submit a quarter each time he boasts or brags too much. These "shining moments" of his have been displayed constantly throughout the series, such as in the episodes 'Night and Dazed' and (Though he received no penalty in this episode) 'The Helmet'.

Obssession Over DorisEdit

Despite his seemingly '"robot" like personality, Kowalski does indeed have a love interest in the series: a dolphin named Doris, who he apparently bawls over all the time. Such as demonstrated in the episode 'Hot Ice', while attempting to show Skipper a security tape of the robbers, but instead accidentally starting a video of him reciting a poem for Doris, which ultimately ends with him in a fit of tears. Not only has there been proof of his infutuation over Doris, provided only by himself and his actions; it is also mentioned and plainly stated by the other penguins, mainly Skipper, who has reprimanded Kowalski countless of times regarding the matter. This is demonstrated for the duration of the entire series (so far), such as in the episodes 'Showdown on Fairway 18', 'Gone in a Flash', and 'Loathe at First Sight'. Doris has never made an official appearance, but is in the episode 'The Penguin Who Loved Me'.

Speech PatternEdit

Kowalski, possessing an outstanding IQ level, tends to speak quite formally most of the time, as well as what Skipper had deemed as in the episode 'S.T.A.N.K': "Nerd-ese". However, due to his nerdiness, all of his attempts to be cool or humorous seemed rather forced. Examples of this are constantly shown in every 'third-second-or-whatever-place' episode, such as in 'The Terror of Madagascar', where he tries to make fun of Julien's "Drama King"-ness towards the new foosa cub: succeeding twice out of three times. Although he is at most times, speaking in a very "intellectual" manner, Kowalski sometimes uses slang common to nowadays. Examples of this are shown in episodes such as 'Night and Dazed' ("We-he-he-hell, f-ail!"), 'Invention Intervention' ("For toymon