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Two-Bit Hood Jack the Knife
(International Play Bird) Diego Garcia
(Wealthy Industrialist) Lincoln Douglas
Petey (Julien)


Central Park Zoo (currently)
Denmark (exiled)


Kowalski, Rico, Private, Marlene, Julien (sometimes), Maurice, Mort (sometimes), Phil, Mason, Roger, Max, Fred, Burt, Manfredi and Johnson (deceased), Mother Duck, Ducklings, Eggy


Hans, Doctor Blowhole, the Rat King, the Rats, Savio, the Hornets, Clemson, Rhonda (Agent 21), Leonard (partially ally), Joey (partially ally), Bada and Bing, Becky and Stacy (partially enemies; partially allies), Darla, the Baboon ladies

Eye colour



White (chest)

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Tom McGrath

"There's no such thing as too paranoid, Private. Remember that, and forget you ever heard it." - Skipper to Private in 'The Red Squirrel'

Skipper is a male penguin who resides in the Central Park Zoo (located in Manhattan, New York), and is one of the main characters of The Penguins of Madagascar. He is the leader of the team, which consists of the other penguins: Kowalski, Private and Rico. Skipper is currently ranked Captain, and is still active due to his re-admission for leader after successfully passing P.E.L.T. (Physical Endurance Leadership Test) in the episode P.E.L.T.

Depiction in the seriesEdit


Hardened Commando DemeanorEdit

Skipper often acts like a 'Nam veteran' with regards to some kind of 'Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder', especially with his raving paranoia (which even the other penguins sometimes consider as being over-the-top) and conflicting stories of his past life that take place in differnt parts of the world, such as Mexico, but mainly Denmark. And due to his overactive delusions, Skipper is bent on many imaginative beliefs, leading him to the conclusion that a friend is just an enemy who hasn't attacked you yet (to which Private disagrees with).

Acting like a 'Real Penguin'Edit

After 'living on edge' for so long, and embarking on countless missions; Skipper's mind has been built in a way, so that whenever facing the unknown, he is always fully prepared- with a complete 'Plan of Attack'. However, even all of these 'life-thrown preparations' could never help Skipper with one thing: Acting like a 'Real Penguin'. This fact is demonstrated in the episode 'Tagged', where a scientist comes to observe them, and they are forced to act like "Penguins" in order to not blow they're cover. But because of both himself, and his team's lack of knowledge of how to behave like 'Actual Penguins', Private was resulted to reading a book on 'Avian Mannerisms'.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Of the four penguins, Skipper is the best at hand-to-hand combat, generally able to take down every single one of them with ease- whether it is a direct or surprise attack. However, he has a tendency to overestimate his own abilities, taking on opponents many times his own size, and continuing the attack even when it is shown to be totally ineffective.

Skipper also has trouble admitting his fears, claiming that he doesn't have any, to which at first his friends and teammates believe him. But it is finally revealed in the episode 'Needle Point', that Skipper is Trypanophobic (scared of needles); although he shamefully admitted this, he did express gratefullness in the end when his friends and teammates told him that they still didn't think any less of him.

Thoughfulness and SensitivityEdit

Despite his hardened, outer exterior; Skipper still cares deeply for his friends and teammates, even though he doesn't show it much throuought the series.

One demonstration would be in the episode 'When the Chips are Down', when Private and Mort suddenly go missing, causing the penguins and the lemurs to be thrown into a chaotic 'Search and Rescue'. In the end, when they finally find them, Skipper is first to react: running towards Private and crushing him in a huge hug. Reprimanding him all the while through a fit of 'not-yet-spilt-tears'; warning him to never scare him like that ever again, to which Private responds with just as much joy as he returns the hug.

Another example would be in the episode 'S.T.A.N.K.', when both Skipper and Julien are trapped in new Jersey, stuck on the stink bomb (S.T.A.N.K); that was close to the point of detonation, and the only way to be free from it was to release 'sodium chloride' (salt) onto its locking mechanism. In other words; they had to cry onto the lock. Because of his normally 'stone-like' attitude, Skipper instead urged Julien to cry, to which the lemur tried to no avail, stating that "he couldn't just fake it.", that "it had to be real. From the inside". Out of desperation, Skipper quickly advised Julien to think of times with dear friends, suggesting memories that included both him and himself as a way to get him to cry. In the end, after a short reminiscence, Skipper finally realizes how much time that he had wasted with Julien, in result shedding a single tear, deactivating the locking mechanism and releasing both him and Julien from the S.T.A.N.K.


Skipper is portrayed as a 50's style male chauvinist, believing women are weak and need protecting, demonstrating this in the episode 'Haunted Habitat'. He is also rather Xenophobic in a sense, with the opinion that any species other than avian (especially mammals) is inferior. It has also been revealed and demonstrated in the episode 'Truth Ache', that he has a fragile ego when Private (possessed by the Truth Serum) answers Kowalski's question about Skipper's Monk Fish Surprise, stating that it "tasted like elephant sweat, but no one admits this to spare Skipper's fragile ego."

Platatonic Relationship with MarleneEdit

Though Skipper constantly shows his distate towards mammals, mainly by claiming them as 'inferior towards avians and birds', he never insults Marlene in particular (even though she is mammal herself). Instead, he thinks of her as smart and quick-witted in way, which is revealed in the episodes 'Haunted Habitat' and 'Otter Things Have Happened'. It is also revealed in the episode 'Otter Woman', that subconsciously, he thinks of Marlene as "hot".

Marlene is also the only one whom Skipper never calls by nickname that he usually doesp with other animals, and is highly regarded by him. The two are also completely different in personality, yet they still manage to keep their bond quite strong, and frankly- unbreakable: Skipper being the paranoid and hardened commando type, and Marlene being the friendly, easy going and cheerful girl next door.

Because of these strong demonstrations of their bond in the show, people believe that they are secretly "in love" with each other in a sense; thus, turning the two into a shipping with the couple name: "Skilene", which also quickly turned into the most popular pairing in the Penguins of Madagascar fandom .

Early LifeEdit

Denmark ConspiracyEdit

Not much is known about Skipper's past with the Danes in Copenhagen, Denmark; due to Skipper's refusal to talk about it. Although this is true, he still allows himself to reveal several bits and pieces of this. Such as his tale of him waking up in a Kyoto Hotel Room at some point, on top of a mat of counterfeit Deutschmarks. Skipper also states that the Danes have intel on him, that is stored all in one file at the Danish Embassy, which he has tried countless of times to obtain, and in result fail. Until the episode 'Skipper Makes Perfect', where he experiences a "Perfect Day" and decides to attempt to break into the Danish Embassy, ultimately succeeding and destroying his file after letting Private take a look; something the little penguin couldn't achieve since he couldn't read.

Mexico RetreatEdit

In the episode 'Littlefoot', it is revealed that Skipper had once travelled to Mexico, hiding in the local jungles for 8 years; thus learning the Spanish Guitar in the process.

Manfredi and JohnsonEdit

Another of Skipper's enigmas are the two former penguin agents named Manfredi and Johnson that were once a part of his now-four-penguin-unit. Skipper has mentioned them on many occasions, some about they're life experiences or imminent ends. The cause of they're deaths is unknown, as Skipper only reveals bits and pieces of what seemed to be the story of their terribly tragic, and gory death.


Skipper has appeared in every episode.